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Raspberry Pi – FM Transmiter

افضل مواقع الفوركس Simple project that all you need to use is a piece of wire connected to a single pin on a Raspberry Pi. Here is a reference to download the GPL code and make it happen. The range of transmission is … Continue reading

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I Don’t Want Your Code

تنظم الحكومة الخيارات الثنائية وسطاء This video was so good I watched it twice… in a row. In a world of fast growing mobile architecture and accelerated development this sort of understanding of open source’s importance is synonymous with the future. -Me

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No Free Beer, Just Freedom

optionsxo ثنائي Whenever I’ve met a famous person like comedian Dave Chappelle or actor Sir Patrick Stewart its hard for me to form up words to carry on a casual conversation. When you meet someone that is famous for their knowledge of history of … Continue reading

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Learning LVM(Logical Volume Management)

http://1conn.com/search/internet/page/9/?s=internet The coolest part of Logical Volume Management is the ability to resize disks without powering off the machine or even interrupting service. Disks can be added and the volume groups can be extended onto the disks. This can be used … Continue reading

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Raspberry Pi – Motion Detection

الإستثمار بالمال لتربح المال So far success, another Arch Linux system this time running on one of my ARM cpu based Raspberry Pi’s that now has motion installed on it! Some of my future ideas forthis particular pi might involve adding more cameras, potentially … Continue reading

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Multiboot OS’es on a single Flash Drive

افضل بورصة الذهب So today at work I accidentally autonuke’ed my multi-boot 32GB flash drive with the hard drive erase utility dban(Darik’s Boot And Nuke). This had a lot of different distros that I had downloaded from the wonderful site DistroWatch all on a single drive … Continue reading

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