Nintendo Wii U – Reset Video Settings

كسب المال بلعب الألعاب عبر الإنترنت So it turns out I have encountered a special use-case scenario that Nintendo has not prepared for in their system design. Let me give the back story on the situation I’ve encountered. Transitioning from my old apartment to new I have not established internet connection yet and have been so busy barely had time to unbox my console received on November 18th launch. When you first hook it to the internet there is an update that can take nearly 3 hours to download. Knowing this I took just my console no cables or controllers to my friends house where I used their TV, internet, cables, and controller to do the initial console update.

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مراجعتي هنا My issue came in when I returned home and setup my TV with the console. My TV was only capable up to 1080i where as my friends had basically set my console for 1080p. Normally you can go through the controller even if you cannot see what is on the TV and adjust video settings that way, but my controller had never been paired with the console. To sync the controller and console it is a bit more involved than just pushing the sync buttons like you would on the original Wii

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كيف يمكنك كسب المال على الانترنت I’ve done repair work on someone’s Sony PlayStation 3 before and encountered a similar problem but was able to get “Reset the Video Settings“. In search of such a function I researched forums online, checked, and eventually called Nintendo Support(1-800-255-3700) which it came down to three options essentially to resolve the issue.
  • Hook console up to a 1080p display (friend’s, neighbor, or buy new TV)
  • Send the console to Nintendo to “repair”
  • Attempt to guess all combinations of the Wii U console controller syncing process (potentially 256 different permutations given the 4 suits at 4 slots)

انقر فوق هنا الآن Nintendo has my name and number and after escalating the case to one of their engineers and said they will contact me if this issue is resolved. I will be curious to see if in a future console update they add a video reset function. Given that I was the first person to call in with this type of issue I will not be holding my breath in anticipation.

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