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DIY Virtual Private Server

افضل برنامج بيع وشراء الاسهم I was inspired to pursue some of these ideas from reading about another man’s journey of “Swap Your Laptop for an iPad + Linode”. So I’ve been having having way to much fun lately working on my Command Line Fu. I remote … Continue reading chiudere un conto forex →

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Raspberry PI + XBMC Front-End

اسرع موقع تحميل اسعار الأسهم So it was an interesting weekend and got a lot accomplished in terms of technology. Nvidia drivers working on my G75VW-BKK5 laptop finally, helped get Xbox 360Key working on friend’s console, gifted 2 Raspberry Pi 512MB’s to my friends for Festivus this year. I had been … Continue reading

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Learning LVM(Logical Volume Management)

السوق المال السعودية The coolest part of Logical Volume Management is the ability to resize disks without powering off the machine or even interrupting service. Disks can be added and the volume groups can be extended onto the disks. This can be used … Continue reading

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Multiboot OS’es on a single Flash Drive

ارتفاع الاسهم السعودية So today at work I accidentally autonuke’ed my multi-boot 32GB flash drive with the hard drive erase utility dban(Darik’s Boot And Nuke). This had a lot of different distros that I had downloaded from the wonderful site DistroWatch all on a single drive … Continue reading

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