Broken USB Drive Data Recovery

here So a friend of mine asked if I was good with soldering. Knowing that they wanted to install a roll bar in there car for racing that weekend jokingly I asked if they wanted me to solder the roll bar to his car. He explained that a friend of his was a lady who owned a bar and one of the patrons had knocked over her laptop while the SanDisk 32GB Cruzer flash drive was still plugged in landing on the inserted flash drive. This had broken the printed circuit board as well as the male connector off. The interesting part was she had financial data from the past SEVEN YEARS that she wanted recovered from the drive.

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go to site Looking at the drive there was an issue where pin 4, the ground pin had snapped off inside the connector where the printed circuit board(pcb) had also broken off. Examining above where the 4th pin should have been there was no visible signs of anything conductive to make connection with. On the other side of the pcb was a super tiny diode that I wasn’t exactly sure which side to solder too directly if at all for that matter with a multi-layer circuit board.

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here USB_A_pinout1I decided to connect the small piece of spare black wire to the metal contact where the male USB-A connector normally mounts to the pcb. Was kind of fortunate it was just the ground pin damaged instead of the power or data lines. Which of course makes me think of Moss from The IT Crowd in the video below.

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الخيارات الثنائية الموالية إشارات السماسرة Got it right on the first attempt plugged it in carefully and was recognized right away. All the data was fully recovered from the single Fat32GB partition on to a SanDisk 32GB Fit which is a flash drive with a much lower profile yet still the same capacity. It is usually catastrophic events like this that individuals realize the importance of having some kind of backup strategy.

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